ProductTank TLV presents: Building Products, Intelligently

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ProductTank TLV presents: Building Products, Intelligently

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Data is one of the most effective tools a product manager has. In fact, it should become an essential part of a PM’s working day. When used correctly, its potential can be maximized for making smart, informed decisions which push the product to the next level and leverage its success.
The continuing evolution of AI systems allows processing large amounts of data, and their accuracy increases along with data volume. Therefore, the demand for data continues to grow.
So, how can we embrace data and data-driven methodologies and turn numbers into solid products?
In our upcoming ProductTank TLV meetup, on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Itamar Bartur will count the merits of a data-driven PM, and Amit Levi will talk us through the process of AI product development.

Meetup agenda:
19:00 Mingling and munching
19:30 Itamar Bartur with his talk: ‘A person with opinion: Being a data-driven PM’
20:00 Amit Levi with his talk: ‘Building AI Products’
20:30 Re-Mingling

Now that you’ve collected sufficient data about this meetup, an intelligent, informed decision would be to attend it ;)

Learn more about our speakers:

Itamar Bartur is Principal Product Manager, Search & Recommendation, Alexa Shopping at Amazon. Previously he was VP Product at BondIT. Itamar has vast experience with ML-based data driven decision solution. He holds B.Sc in Computer Science, Mathematics & Cognitive Science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, as well as an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.
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Amit Levi is VP Product and Marketing at Anodot. Previously he was VP Product at Yokee (Acquired by Stingray Digital). He has a BA in Psychology & mass communication from the University of Haifa.
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*Please note*: The event will be held in Hebrew