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ProductTank Edinburgh (#ProductTankEdi) is a local meetup which deep dives into product design, development, management & marketing.
Our events are FREE & feature guest talks on designing and building great web and mobile products, including topics such as design, agile processes, business models, using metrics, user experience, and more. We also always build in time for networking, and a good old-fashioned chin-wag over a beverage or a slice of pizza!
Our events are public, but we ask everyone to provide a little information about themselves when they register so that we can build a good community. There are also a number of ways to engage with our community: You can see videos of the speakers on YouTube, photos of the events & attendees on Facebook & join in the conversation on Twitter.
ProductTank Edinburgh is also part of the larger Product Tank network, check it out at: http://www.mindtheproduct.com.

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Your Roadmap Sucks!


Hey Product Enthusiasts!

Coming off the high of our last meetup, we wanted to keep the good conversation going by hosting another ProductTank! We're absolutely thrilled to be welcoming Phil Hornby, the Cohost of the Talking Roadmaps YouTube channel and Founder and Director of for product people.

🎤 Your Roadmap Sucks!

Most roadmaps are bad because of a few fundamental things. So, there is a good chance yours isn’t great. As the cohost of Talking Roadmaps I’ve seen a lot of them and spoken to a lot of other experts about the problems they see. I want to share the key insights with you along with introducing you to the Roadmap Audience Canvas (yes it’s another one-pager that will save the world!) than can help you improve things..

🗣 Phil Hornby - Founder and Director at for product people

Phil is a highly experienced and passionate product management professional. Helping entrepreneurial product people and teams to be successful.

He has helped thousands of individuals across hundreds of companies - empowering individuals and teams to succeed. He has a proven track record and broad industry experience, having helped product people and teams across most industries.

As a dynamic character, Phil is happy on stage, coaching, training and facilitating with a powerful and persuasive message that moves people to take action.

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