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What we’re about

ProductTank is for anyone even remotely interested in the world of product!

You might already be in a product role (Product Owner, Product Manager, Head of Product, CPO...), or work with them, aspire to be one, want to hire one, be curious about what the heck they do... you're all welcome and we're sure to cover a topic at some point that might pique your interest.

We meet most months in the city, have amazing guest speaker(s) and panels, and always make time to drink, nibble and mingle. All our meetups are live streamed and recorded, so if you can't make it in person, we've got you covered.

And finally, if a monthly meetup still isn't enough product talk for you, we have a New Zealand wide Product Aotearoa Slack group waiting for you - join here.


The ProductTank Meetup concept was created by Mind the Product. To find out more and connect with a global community, check out They also have a global Slack workspace, where you can connect with a planet's worth of ProductTank people. Join here.