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MBAs for Entrepreneurs: When and for Whom It Makes Sense (@DC Startup Week)
[Note: This will be during DC Startup Week, September 24-28, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, exact time and location to be determined by early August. Thanks for your patience! Also, we did a version of this event last year at the National Press Club ( Video available here: ] Does business school make sense for those pursuing entrepreneurial routes? Business schools have steadily been developing entrepreneurial programs yet some Venture Capitalists and other Silicon Valley denizens claim they won't invest in startups led by MBAs. Who's right? Does an MBA make sense for you? Come see and hear our panel of entrepreneurs with MBA tell how the degree helped--or maybe hurt--them. Panelists: 1. Maurice Bakley, President of FierceMarkets and Harvard Business School MBA, argues the MBA helps entrepreneurs deal with far-from-perfect information. 2. Ian Fisk, Serial Social Entrepreneur and Yale School of Management MBA sees the MBA much better suited for accumulating wealth (as a mid or upper-level executive in a large corporation) than for entrepreneurs. 3. Cassia Peralta, Novelist, Investment Officer and Wharton Business School MBA, uses her entrepreneurship-track MBA in the development of her side business: the publication, distribution, and sales of her novel. 4. Amita Shukla, former venture capitalist, multiple patent holder, Vitamita ( CEO and Stanford Graduate Business School MBA Moderator: Stefan Bielski, former longtime MBA admissions adviser founder Agenda: 6:30-7:00: Greet, meet & treats 7-7:40 Moderated panel discussion 7:40-8:10: Audience questions 8:10: Informal discussion/further networking on-site or at local bar/restaurant

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