What we're about

Protecting Tomorrow is a non-profit that embraces a noble and important mission: "Protecting Tomorrow by Taking Action Today".

We are a group of forward-minded individuals who meet on a variety of security education topics and we also take action in the community. We are people who are passionate about protecting our communities and our country.

We have three areas of impact:

• Protecting Tomorrow's Generations

• Protecting Tomorrow's Communities

• Protecting Tomorrow's Technologies

Generations: If you want to help protect kids in schools, this is the place to start.

Communities: Through Protecting Tomorrow, you can: help to protect women on line; help to transition vets to meaningful civilian careers; and help inform and educate small and medium sized businesses about security.

Technologies: SMBs are the backbone of the American economy and they are dependent on emerging, innovative technologies - we need your help to ensure those emerging technologies are secured from the ground up! Our technology focus is in four primary areas: UAVs, Robotics, IoT, and Cyber Security. Help us ensure the next generations of innovation in these areas are protected from the start.

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