What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about design and prototyping tools and create user experiences for Mobile, Desktop, Wearables and beyond! I started this group to meet other prototyping enthusiasts and learn from each other.


Interested in keeping up to speed with Sketch, Anima App, InVision, Atomic App, Kite Compositor, ProtoPie, Principle, FramerJS, AdobeXD, and a lot more?

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Prototyping is something that can be useful to different people from UX/UI Designers to Product Designers, from Product Managers to Entrepreneurs – and in general to anyone that wants to communicate an idea for a product, service or feature. All skills levels are welcome. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

This group topics:

• What should you prototype and with what tools? Article I wrote on the right tools here (https://medium.com/@FreeAndWilling/what-are-the-best-prototyping-tools-it-depends-7a4210cbf03b)

• Discuss why it's good to prototype early and often

• Overview the panorama of prototyping tools out there like the ones listed here (http://cooper.com/prototyping-tools)

• Share favorite prototyping tools and techniques (Like InVision (http://www.invisionapp.com/), Principle for Mac (http://principleformac.com/), ProtoPie, Atomic, FramerJS, AdobeXD...)

• Best ways to create assets for prototype? Pros and cons of using Photoshop, Illustrator vs Sketch App

• Share prototypes and get feedback

• Advanced Prototyping: Using front end coding technologies HTML, JS, or backend (Rails, etc)

• Beyond visual prototypes: using SMS interfaces? Audio? VR? Position based interfaces?

Feel free to suggest additional topics! :)


PS: We schedule workshops throughout the year on a variety of tools and topics. If you are interested in scheduling an event at your organization or for your team feel free to reach out at francesco@freeandwilling.com

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