What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about design and prototyping tools and create user experiences for Mobile, Desktop, Wearables and beyond! I started this group to meet other prototyping enthusiasts and learn from each other.


Interested in keeping up to speed with Sketch, Anima App, InVision, ProtoPie, Principle, Framer, and a lot more?

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Prototyping is something that can be useful to different people from UX/UI Designers to Product Designers, from Product Managers to Entrepreneurs – and in general to anyone that wants to communicate an idea for a product, service or feature. All skills levels are welcome. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

This group topics:

• What should you prototype and with what tools? Article I wrote on the right tools here (https://medium.com/@FreeAndWilling/what-are-the-best-prototyping-tools-it-depends-7a4210cbf03b)

• Discuss why it's good to prototype early and often

• Overview the panorama of prototyping tools out there like the ones listed here (http://cooper.com/prototyping-tools)

• Share favorite prototyping tools and techniques

• Best ways to create assets for prototype? Pros and cons of using Photoshop, Illustrator vs Sketch App

• Share prototypes and get feedback

• Advanced Prototyping: Using front end coding technologies HTML, JS, or backend (Rails, etc)

• Beyond visual prototypes: using SMS interfaces? Audio? VR? Position based interfaces?

Feel free to suggest additional topics! :)


PS: We schedule workshops throughout the year on a variety of tools and topics. If you are interested in scheduling an event at your organization or for your team feel free to reach out at francesco@freeandwilling.com

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Sketch 58 / Productivity Plugins / ProtoPie 4 & Torch AR

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