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Our mission is to raise awareness of the truth about psychedelics and create a safe space for anyone to integrate their experiences. You should come check us out if you like talking about psychedelics. Or if you're just curious..

Upcoming events (5+)

Movie Night: A Long Strange Trip

Hooked on Colfax

Movie Night! We will be watching the first episode of A Long Strange Trip, a story about the rise of the Grateful Dead. We will host a discussion about psychedelic music and the impact it has on the greater community

Book of the Month: The Rose of Paracelsus with Reilly Capps

Join us for a presentation on our Book of the Month: The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets and Sacraments. Our presenter for this month will be Reilly Capps. From the publisher: "A Harvard graduate student and researcher explores a global entheogen system, discovering their practices leading to cognitive enhancement and, arguably, the next human form.From Cambridge to Moscow, Oxford to Zürich, Princeton to Mazar-i-Sharif and Bangkok, this journal of research interviews records the lifestyles within a most rare and elusive organization,one that has evolved special gifts: advanced capacities of thought, memory and perception." We will be starting the discussion at 7:30 pm with a brief presentation and discussion questions. Everyone is encouraged to join regardless of familiarity with the Book of the Month.

Psychedelic Peer Support with the Zendo Project

Hooked on Colfax

Rescheduled from last month! We are very excited to host our friends Sara and Ryan from the Zendo Project! The Zendo Project is a non-profit psychedelic harm reduction service for festivals, concerts, and community events where professionally trained volunteers provide a tranquil space, water, and compassionate care for attendees undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences. Sara Gael MAPS Director of Harm Reduction After receiving her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University, Sara began working with MAPS in 2012, coordinating psychedelic harm reduction services at festivals and events worldwide with the Zendo Project. Sara was an Intern Therapist for the recently completed MAPS Phase 2 clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in Boulder, CO. She maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Sara believes that developing a comprehensive understanding of psychedelic medicines through research and education is essential for the health and well being of individuals, communities, and the planet. Ryan Jay Beauregard Manager Ryan received his B.A. in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College, and spent 10 years mentoring at-risk teens and families through wilderness survival skills and nature connection. His passion for community connection, the environment, and intrapersonal healing continued with his involvement in permaculture, natural building, and ancestral grief rituals. As a volunteer with the Zendo Project since 2013, Ryan has had the opportunity to connect and expand the scope of psychedelic harm reduction in communities and festivals all over the globe. As the Zendo Project Manager, he integrates his skills in psychology, design and and community engagement. When he isn’t on the road with the Zendo Project, Ryan can be found at his home in Boulder, CO enjoying the great outdoors, experimenting with sustainable technology, and designing websites, logos and sacred geometry art. This event is free and open to the public. Bring a friend!

Psychedelic Integration Support Group

Needs a location

Space is limited to 15 people on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't delay in committing. If you're interested in coming please fill out the google doc in the event info!! This peer support group is facilitated by two members of our club and we plan to go deep and enter into this safe space, providing clear reflection and acknowledgement to your and your journey. We plan to provide support and help those who have had difficulties and would like answers. This will be a confidential, loving environment full of beautiful people. We welcome those who have had challenging experiences, are in need of support, and require listening ears to help assist them in their personal integration process. What this is not, is therapy. Our intentions are to continue our work in service to our community and provide space that is free of judgement and ridicule. Your expression and interpretation of your experience is welcome, and we seek to bring about growth and healing in a group environment. This is set to be a powerful space to come out of our closets and be of service to one another, so if you are in need peer support, please RSVP by filling out our Google Form. It is mandatory that all participants fill out the form. Donations of $5-$20 are greatly appreciated and will support the Psychedelic Club of Denver continue providing services in harm reduction, advocacy, and policy reform. We are 100% financed by the people who make up the group and can't do this without the support of our members. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCTRWNgPxE0Nl1NGde4Uh0lh76VKg7r4XMg4f52mU4Na2oTw/viewform

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