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The Psychedelic Club of Denver is a non profit organization located in Denver. The objective of the Club is to provide education regarding the truth about psychedelics and nonjudgmental support for people to integrate their psychedelic experiences. The Club neither condones nor condemns the use of psychedelics, but intends to raise objective awareness about how psychedelics can be used therapeutically and in fields such as public and mental health, academia, science, spirituality, and harm reduction. Come to a meeting to meet the local psychedelic community!

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A Conversation with Matt Simpson, Author and Host of "Worth the Fight" Podcast

Matt Simpson is the host of the Worth The Fight Podcast and author of “Worth The Fight: Acting for a Better World, A Guide to Spirituality, Psychedelic Medicines, and Overcoming Trauma.” Through his podcast, book, and his work as an empowerment psychedelic integration coach, he guides people to maximize the benefit of psychedelic healing to live healthy, happier, strong, service-driven lives.

Matt had a profound psychedelic healing experience in the jungles of Costa Rica, which helped him move past his crippling addiction and depression, and the childhood-sexual trauma which garbled up his nervous system nearly killing him. Having run companies in corporate America, wandered around the globe with nothing but a backpack on an 18-month healing journey, and through extensive research and personal experience with psychedelic plant medicines, Matt has danced on the razor's edge of the mystical and the pragmatic. Through these explorations of the human condition in all its forms, he has now found a way to unite the two in service of our collective spiritual evolution.

Matt has raised over $100k for our US war veterans who are taking their own lives at a rate of 22 per day and helped facilitate over 100 psychedelic experiences for our Veterans to transition them from post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth. ALL of the profits of “Worth The Fight” book are being donated to veteran charities to further empower psychedelic healing in our warriors.

A Kambo Convo with Scott Sigety

Mercury Cafe

Scott Sigety is an IAKP certified and MFK Lyme and Autoimmune Specialty certified Kambo Practitioner serving Metro Denver and greater Colorado. Scott is also a “Being True To You” certified psychospiritual preparation and integration coach and is currently participating in workshops through the Hakomi Institute, exploring somatic experiences, how we store trauma, and how we can heal by reconnecting with our bodies.

Three years ago, after spending most of his adult life in corporate sales, Scott was at a point of his life where he felt horribly unfilled and had developed an unhealthy relationship with his career, alcohol, and cannabis. This led him to Costa Rica, where he embarked on a weeklong Ayahuasca retreat that shattered his illusion of everything around him and would forever change his life, allowing him to finally take the step to start healing from childhood trauma and addictive behaviors that kept him in reoccurring, self-sabotaging patterns as an adult. Scott strongly believes that our self-worth and value is not determined by what we produce and that by being in community with heart centered communication and displaying radical curiosity to understand one another can we bridge our differences and work together to build a better world.

Psychedelic Club - Open Mic Night

Mercury Cafe

Come join us on February 16th for an open mic at Mercury cafe, sign up sheet will be available upon arrival. Poets, Singers, and Performance artists of all kinds are welcome to share their light with our community! The event will be run by Katie and Chad Tannous.

Chad Tannous is a Denver area PR professional, events planner, and psychedelic activist. He has been involved in drug policy and drug advocacy for three years, having co-run CU Boulder’s Psychedelic Club chapter from[masked], and also ran the CU SSDP chapter from[masked]. In spring 2021 he was the student organizer for the SSDP Virtual Cannabis and Psychedelic Symposium featuring Dennis McKenna, and graduated from CU in the same year with a degree in strategic communications and a minor in English Literature.

He is currently the Outreach Coordinator for Psychedelic Club National, as well as an editor for Entheoscope magazine, the second issue of which will be out on January 11th (@entheoscopemagazine on Instagram).

Chad is a proud occultist and neo-pagan and is well versed in Wiccanism, Hermetics, Astrology, and Chaos Magick, having formulated his own digital brand of spell craft involving social media strategy.

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Psychedelic Storytelling + Integration: January 2022

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