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The Psychedelic Club of Denver is a non profit organization located in Denver. The objective of the Club is to provide education regarding the truth about psychedelics and nonjudgmental support for people to integrate their psychedelic experiences. The Club neither condones nor condemns the use of psychedelics, but intends to raise objective awareness about how psychedelics can be used therapeutically and in fields such as public and mental health, academia, science, spirituality, and harm reduction. Come to a meeting to meet the local psychedelic community!

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Trippy Tales

Mercury Cafe

Sharing our experiences is a great opportunity to connect with others, integrate our experiences, and find commonalities in others stories. It is a way to be heard and to hear others. We invite members of the local psychedelic community to share their psychedelic experiences. We require that the share is 5 minutes at a maximum, and is concise and well practiced.

If you have an experience you’d like to share, please message us so we can get you on the list for presenting! All remaining openings the night of the meeting will be available for sign-up at the door.

This meeting is free and open to the public, and is intended for informational and educational purposes.

Free Integration Circle

925 E 17th Ave

Profound, extraordinary, experiences can be life-changing, but can also be isolating. There is little room in our modern society for the mystical, the ineffable, and the non-ordinary. This group is intended to provide a space for members of our community to share and process experiences with transpersonal, psychedelic, and/or extraordinary states of consciousness. Together we offer and receive emotional support to those who have experienced these mind-altering states. We also share integration practices that encourage a sound return to a balanced state and sustainable positive change following these experiences.

This event will be hosted at Plant Magic Cafe, located at 925 E 17th Ave in Denver.

IMPORTANT - **Please arrive at 7:15**, ready to hold space for others in a safe and supportive setting

Let's Talk About Fentanyl

Mercury Cafe

Fentanyl - It's on the news, it's talked about between our friends and families, and it's something that a lot of us are worried about. So, let's talk about it!

At this event Kess will be presenting on fentanyl, and hopefully together we can learn more about it from a fact-based standpoint.

The conversation surrounding Fentanyl is a tough one. We recognize the pain this substance has brought to many, and appreciate the many different perspectives that will be in the room. With this in mind, we ask that attendees are present with this awareness and are not coming with an intention to shame or look down upon people in the crowd who may have had difficult fentanyl experiences, have friends or family who have had difficult experiences, or who may be putting themselves at risk for exposure to fentanyl.

-What is fentanyl? Where does it come from, and why can it be dangerous for some people?
-How does fentanyl work in the body?
-What does a fentanyl overdose look like, and what does Naloxone do to help with overdoses?
-How and why are some other substances becoming adulterated with fentanyl?
-How can I check if my substances have fentanyl in them?

We will address these questions and more!

This meeting is free and open to the public, and is intended for informational and educational purposes.

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Free Yoga Journey with Rhythmic Metamorphosis

1000 N Broadway