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What we’re about

In this new era of psychedelic practice and in recognition of current scientific research providing evidence for the benefits of psychedelics substances –we have established the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands in 2016 as a meeting place for people interested in learning more about psychedelics.
We advocate for safe, responsible and informed use of psychedelics as a means for exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness, for therapeutic and developmental purposes.
The Society organizes events related to the psychedelic experience, such as lectures, movie screenings, music events, art classes, and discussion groups. We aim for a holistic approach, discussing the social, cultural, therapeutic and scientific aspects of the use of psychedelics.

Do you support our goals and wish to contribute? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We welcome all sorts of contribution for organising, promoting and funding our organisation.
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Facebook: Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands