What we're about

Evolve you and your consciousness, even more!

This meetup is about the evolution we can experience through a variety of pathways to altered states of consciousness, especially psychedelics.

Pathways to altered states include:

  • Play
  • Breathwork
  • Singing/chanting
  • Meditation
  • Movement (everything from running to dance to adventure sports)
  • Orgasm
  • Psychedelics

Other terminology used to describe states of consciousness:

  • Non-ordinary states
  • Altered states
  • Extraordinary states
  • Expanded states
  • Flow states
  • Ecstatic states

In this Meetup we will dive deep into altered states, learn tools and techniques for evolving our consciousness, explore how we can co-create epic relationships, and more.

This group is for you if you:

  • Are interested in psychedelics (no matter your experience)
  • Enjoy other non-ordinary states of consciousness**: play, meditation, breathwork, movement, and more
  • Want to continue growing, learning, evolving, transforming
  • Know your relationships can be even more than they are now (including your relationship to yourself)
  • Desire to free yourself of limitations, scarcity, things being hard/challenging/struggle, etc.

(Please note at NO time will psychedelics be served at any of our events!)

Psychedelics & Consciousness is about consciousness and freeing ourselves of limitations through education, inspiration, information, illumination, and community.

Psychedelics & Consciousness is a place to learn from experts, researchers, psychonauts, and other amazing individuals contributing to the changing landscapes of psychedelics, the human mind, mind-body connection, epigenetics, healing trauma, and more.

Psychedelics & Consciousness also includes vulnerable stories of individuals’ epic healing journeys as examples of what is possible.

Psychedelics & Consciousness is here to share tips and tools to help you from preparation, set/setting, integration, how your mind works (neuroscience, neurochemistry, NLP), and so much more.

  • Tools for life.
  • Tools for journeys.
  • Tools for transformation and growth.

Psychedelics & Consciousness is here to bring the research and the healing stories to the masses, to bring the innovations and creations to your awareness, to open doors into consciousness and possibilities of what is possible for you, your relationships, and your future.

Psychedelics & Consciousness is also a place to connect with other like-minded people, people doing the inner work so they can create even more amazing lives.  Wherever you are on your own journey, we welcome you in!

Psychedelics & Consciousness is also a movement.  And it starts here.  You are invited to be a part of it.

  • Our online events will draw attendees from a network of connected Meetup groups.
  • Local events will be hosted by community members.

We also have a growing YouTube Channel.  Please check it out and SUBSCRIBE!  Interviews, transformational trip tools, healing journeys and even more are added regularly!

Again, welcome to Psychedelics & Consciousness helping the whole human you are with wellness in all areas of your life.

What to Expect
We offer Meetups in all areas of whole human wellness, including:

  • Self (emotional/psychological) - Deepen your relationship with YOU.  All change starts within you.
  • Wealth - Financial health is key to whole human wellness - escape poverty consciousness and evolve to wealth consciousness.
  • Health - Health is wealth.  After all, if you don’t have your health to enjoy your wealth, what is the point?
  • Relationships - Evolve all of your relationships including intimate and family.  Help teach your children the 21st century skills they need to know.
  • Spirituality & Consciousness - Open to infinite new possibilities in your life.
  • Sexuality - Escape belief systems that have made sexuality "wrong" and "bad." Take your power back from sexual trauma.

Events will offer information and time to connect through experiential exercises.  Special guests and experts in the field will also join us, so check often to see what is coming up!

Come, explore, play, expand, transform, evolve, love.  BE even more of YOU.

Our event facilitators, moderators, guests, etc. are incredible individuals sharing their gifts.

Trust the Timing Of YOUR Life
If you are hearing this or seeing this - know you are in the right place.  Trust the timing of your life.  Everything is here for you, including this moment right now - including this Meetup group.

Keep It Legal!
Please be aware we are in the Psychedelic Renaissance and have a long way to go.  Psychedelics are still primarily illegal.  Yes, some states and cities are “decriminalizing” - but decriminalization is NOT legalization.  It is your responsibility to know your local laws.

Community Guidelines & Agreements
Please also be aware of our Community Guidelines & Agreements for ALL Psychedelics & Consciousness events. Your participation in this group/community means you agree to the following:

  • Refrain from soliciting illegal substances or services from anyone attending events. Be kind, be respectful, and keep it legal.
    • Group Administrators reserve the right to remove members for disregarding this agreement.
  • All Psychedelics & Consciousness events are alcohol and substance free.  Please attend sober online and in-person.

*This Meetup is available in many cities and will continue to expand around the globe.

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Women's Coaching Circle - Online!

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Women's Coaching Circle - Online!

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Women's Coaching Circle - Online!

Needs a location

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