Matching the Consciousness of Prosperity (Advanced Meditation Workshop)

Hosted by Psychic Awakenings Seattle

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Psychic Awakenings Seattle
Psychic Awakenings Seattle
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700 Warren Ave. N. · Seattle, WA

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We are in "The Blue House" at the corner of Roy and Warren.

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“We manifest our reality, which is from a place of unlimited resources. There is not a limit of abundance in the universe. There is a limit on the understanding of the power of our minds and our energy blueprint".
-Lynn Brown

If we are to become prosperity, we must learn to be the vibration of prosperity.
Just as we match and learn from Ascended Masters, so too can we do this with the vibration, and as I like to call it, "consciousness" of ANY thing.
Let us learn to match the vibration and consciousness of gold, silver, platinum and then money itself.

This is also the beginning of understanding how to shape shift your energy.
Allowing you to "become" that thing that you are trying to become.
This is not viewing something as over "there" and you are "here".

It is literally merging with the energy and inserting yourself into the consciousness of that thing.
- It essentially allows you to view existence from the perspective of "that thing" just as you view your life through your eyes.
- It allows you to "feel" its experiences just as you feel your experiences.
- It allows you to "know" that thing and its relationship with all things just as you know yourself and your relationship with all things.

I look forward to sharing this amazing opportunity with you!

Prerequisites: You must have taken at least 2 basic classes from PA or have the basic energy tools directly from us to participate.

Timing: Please come by 6:15 to run energy and trade healings, class is 7 - 9:15.

Cost: $35 / reduced price for CAP graduates $20 / current CAP students come free. Register now as space is limited.

This Meditation Workshop led by Lynn Brown - ( intuitive, energy healer and medium with a versatile background in finance, athletics and leadership. She is a graduate of Psychic Awakenings CAP, and Financial Advisor at Ameriprise.

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