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This is a group for anyone fascinated by psychology and the human mind.

The aim of the group is to make the UK's leading psychology lecturers accessible to the general public.

To do this, we'll organise one 'Day on Psychology' on the last Sunday of each month, where you'll get a full day of fascinating psychology lectures from the UK's leading psychology academics, researchers and mental health practitioners.

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A Day on Psychology & Culture

Birkbeck, University of London

Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology & Mental Health: A full day of talks exploring the fascinating interplay between psychology & culture. **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.** For information on the lectures, speakers, and tickets, please see: https://bit.ly/3ex8aLm ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever wonder how we went from small insignificant primates to modern civilisation? Why are rates of mental illness in the UK twice that in Germany? How does the society we live in influence which areas of our brain get activated? Why do some societies stimulate logical, linear and limited ‘left-brain’ thinking, while others result in creative, expansive and more holistic ‘right-brain’ thinking and behaviour? The answer to all of these questions’ hinges on the fascinating interplay between psychology and human culture. In this series of talks, you’ll learn: - The Evolutionary Origins of Human Culture; the fascinating evolution of social intelligence, what explains the meteoric rise of homo sapiens, and how events in our distant past guide our lives today - Professor William von Hippel - The Brain & Culture: A Symbiotic Relationship; the neuroscience of how our brains mould the world, and how the world moulds our brains - Dr Iain McGilchrist - Culture and Mental Health; how unequal societies affect our mental health and wellbeing, and how we can begin creating cultural environments that lead to human flourishing - Professor Kate Pickett and Professor Richard Wilkinson These unique insights will help you deepen your understanding of human nature and the world we live in. **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.** For tickets, please click here: https://bit.ly/3ex8aLm

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A Day on Psychology & Nature

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