Docker Deep Dive (Part-2)

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In continuation to Docker Series conducted by Pune Developer’s Community let’s raise your Docker Knowledge with next session in the series Docker Deep Dive (Part-2). With this session let’s understand and practiced more advanced Docker Concepts.

This session is going to be mix of both Theory + Practical. Please find the agenda of the session below:

Docker Swarm:

1. Setting up the Docker Swarm cluster with Manager & Worker Nodes
2. What is Docker Service ? Docker Service Vs Docker Run
3. Deploying a Service on Swarm Cluster
4. Inspecting a Service on Swarm Cluster
5. Scaling a Service on Swarm Cluster
6. What is Overlay Network ?
7. Publishing port & connecting Service to an Overlay Network (Networking)
8. Giving access of volume or binds to Service (Storage)

Sagar Jadhav
Cloud Developer, IBM Software Labs (ISL)

Docker Registry:

1. What is Docker Registry ? Overview & Understanding
2. Deploying a Registry ?
3. Log into a Registry
4. Pull/Push/Delete Image in a Registry

Gaurav Gahlot
Software Engineer

Docker Compose:

1. Running Multiple Container (Web + Database) through docker compose

Akshay Ithape
Devops Engineer

Anand Bhagwat
Software QA engineer

Docker How To’s:

1. Let's start with a useful analogy ? (Docker Beginner)
2. Quick 5 Minutes Guide to CI/CD Pipelining Using Docker & Circle-ci
3. Best Practices for Deploying Production-Level Web Services using Docker
4. [Bonus] Ultimate Docker Cheat sheet - Link - The Ultimate Docker Cheat Sheet
5. Manage and Monitor docker with dry tool in 5 min

Sangam biradar
CTO Dream2success (startup)

As it’s going to be a lab session it is pre requisite to bring your laptop. Will do lab sessions using