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Build your own Redis Module [Hands-On session]

Tudip Technologies

In this meetup we will learn and do hands on Redis modules: 1. Introduction to Redis modules 2. Learn about Redis modules like RedisGraph, RedisJSON, RedisTimeSeries, RedisBloom, and RediSearch --------------------- Snacks break & Networking ---------------------- 3. Hands on session - load redis module 4. Build your own module ---------------------Take away Redis Goodies ---------------------- Speaker: Chinmay Kulkarni, CEO Hybrowlabs Technologies 👉 Venue Sponsor ➡️ Need venue 👉 Event Sponsored by Redis Labs [ https://redislabs.com/ ] *For Hands-on session please bring your own laptop & mobile data*

SQL OR NoSQL ? A Friendly discussion on choosing the right database in cloud

Securly Software (India) Pvt Ltd.

Database world has grown exponentially with the rise of cloud. Cloud Native way of building software is booming. In this quick paced world, you application should not be left behind because you choose a wrong database. In this talk we will try to address the questions a database developer faces and how he can manurer around it to take a decision. What we will explore ? - Database solutions in cloud - Which DB to choose - SQL or NoSQL? - What are the different options on the cloud? - Relational Services - AWS RDS, GCP Cloud SQL, Azure SQL - Managed Relational Databases - Aurora, Could Spanner, Azure SQL - NoSQL offerings - Dynamo, Cosmos, Datastore Speaker: Anurag Kale https://www.linkedin.com/in/anuragkale/

Roku TechTalks

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Apache Kafka Multi Node Clustering Set Up & Parallelism

Tudip Technologies

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