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The Putney Social Group is friendly and welcomes people from all over London (and indeed the World). We organise a variety of Social Events every month, usually in Putney but we do go further afield too.

Events we regularly run include…

**Our very Popular "New Members make lots of new Friends Night" - Where you get a chance to meet lots of new people in one evening! You are seated with 4 people to chat for 15-20 mins, then (a bit like musical chairs) everyone gets up and moves to another table to meet another group of 4 people. Then we keep swapping the groups around every 15-20 Minutes, to give you the best chance to meet lots of people in 1 night.

**Social Meet Ups - Where we try to reserve a separate area for the group to come together in a pub and meet other Putney Social members.

**We also run a monthly Co-Working Day for Freelancers on the last Friday of the month.

**In the summer months we have our Social Meet Ups by the river next to Putney cinema and attract 60-100 people.


Any member in our group can suggest events and we welcome certainly new ideas. We're currently thinking about wine tasting and maybe a secret cinema event, so do join the group.




We hope to see you at an event soon. All the best Daniel and the Putney Social team.

Email contact@putneysocial.co.uk


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This Sunday - Free Online Facebook Pub Quiz!

Online event

FREE Online Facebook Pub Quiz and Socialising with Putney Social Group! To all members of Putney Social Group, Due to the Coronavirus disruption, Putney Social Group will now be having online socialising activities on Facebook’s new ‘room’ group-chat facility. All attendees will require a Facebook account. Starting at 6pm, Ashley Farnham will be hosting a FREE online pub quiz for up to 50 attendees. I will make the Facebook link available at about 5:45pm on Sunday. Taking about an hour, consisting 2 halves of 10 questions with a 5 minute break, the quizzes will test random general knowledge. The format is as follows: 1) Each question will be presented on a slide and read out. 2) You will have about a minute to answer the question. 3) After the first 10 questions, you mark your answers from the answer slides presented. 4) Please show your score to your camera so we can find out everybody’s score. 5) A 5 minute break. 6) Again, the same format for the second half. 7) The quiz’s winner will be announced! Although no prizes will be given, this is an entirely FREE event and NOT TO BE MISSED! Looking forward to seeing all attendees on Sunday! Ashley Farnham, Event Organiser for Putney Social Group.

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This Sunday - Free Online Facebook Pub Quiz!

Online event

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