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What we’re about

This is a classical tech meetup where Python enthusiasts meet to discuss their favorite topics over pizza and beer. 

Help us to find the right direction where to steer our community:

Topics will include application architecture, web frameworks, dev-ops tools, home automation, and new features in Python. It is up to the speaker, as long as it is interesting! Topics we will try to avoid is company presentations 'and by the way we use Python'.

If you are using Python and want to share your knowledge - this is a meetup for you. If you would rather listen and not ask questions in public - it is also for you.

We meet in Amsterdam in different Python-oriented offices. We believe that part of the meetup fun is being guest to different companies. And of course, hosting your own event from time to time.  Each event will be held in a different office until the list is exhausted. Then we go back to where we started.

We want this to be a self-driving community so all ideas for talks and the form of events are openly welcome!

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Please read and follow our Code of  conduct