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PyBerlin is a meetup community for anyone interested in Python - at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

We'll keep the topics covered as broad as possible - professional development tools, making physical things, teaching kids to code, cutting edge data analytics, personal projects, and even having fun and being artistic with code.

We want to be open, inclusive, and very much about community - so please don't hesitate to suggest meetups, ideas and collaborating with others.

If you want to post about recruiting then please use the jobs discussion board.

If you have an idea for a talk you want to give, or something you want to hear about then let us know by adding an entry to this google form: https://goo.gl/forms/c8yAdEGYRTX7wNyl1

We do have a Slack channel, #pythonberlin: https://pythonberlinslack.herokuapp.com don't forget to join it!

Please take a minute to read our Code of conduct: https://pyberlin.github.io/coc.html

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Door2Door HQ

Agenda: • 18:40 - Doors open and networking • 19:00 - Welcome to PyBerlin! // Organisers • 19:20 - Johannes Hoppe // Senior Venture Developer@Thermondo • 19:55 - Customizing your pytest test suite by Raphael Pierzina // Senior Test Engineer@mozilla This talk aims to give an introduction into automated testing in Python with pytest, a popular testing framework developed and maintained by a thriving community of volunteers. After looking into how to develop automated tests with pytest, we will dive into writing plugins for pytest and explore ideas for potential test suite customizations, that help you and your team manage a growing test suite. • 20:50 - Closing session // Organisers • 21:00 - PyBeer

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