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PyBerlin is an inclusive community for anyone interested in Python - at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

We'll keep the topics covered as broad as possible - professional development tools, making physical things, teaching kids to code, cutting edge data analytics, personal projects, and even having fun and being artistic with code.

We want to be open, inclusive, and very much about community - so please don't hesitate to suggest meetups, ideas and collaborating with others.

If you want to post about recruiting then please use the jobs discussion board.

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PyBerlin 17 - Online Event - Sunny days are here! ☀️

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Agenda: • 19:00 - Welcome to PyBerlin! // Organisers • 19:10 - Multiple Dispatch in Python // Tamara Atanasoska • 19:40 - Short break • 19:50 - TBA • 20:30 - Closing session // Organisers Talk Descriptions: ------------------------- Multiple Dispatch in Python // Tamara Atanasoska ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract: Once I had an email exchange with Guido himself(it was about their mentoring programm), and he asked me what my favorite Python module is. I answered the functools one of course! I have spent very little time doing functional programming compared to OOP, but learning about that different way of thinking has always stuck with me. At the end of this talk you will know all that you need about dispatching in Python, and how we can borrow and emulate the concept of multiple dispatch from languages like Clojure and Julia. We will do this mostly for fun and as a thought exercise, although it’s not uncommon for game developers to use this in their codebases. This talk was made for BerlinPythonPizza 2019, now updated and revised. Bio: Tamara Atanasoska is a software engineer with a passion for all things organisational development. Currently freelancing as a strategy consultant. ====================================================================== Link to this online event will be provided few days before the event together with instructions how to join and ask questions.

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PyBerlin 16 - Online Event - Sun is shining! ☀️

Online event

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