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6:00pm - Supercharging GBDT model using catboost on GPU by Cassie Guo (

We are working on a machine learning project which provides conversion rate prediction on large streaming data (1TB/day). This talk is about how to use python to implement a solution on GPU using the capability of catboost library. This talk will cover:

* Comparison of catboost and xgboost for building large model on GPU
* The architecture and python implementation
* How catboost developed several ways for model retraining and continuation for fresh dataset

6:30pm - Sponsor shout-outs, general announcements, hiring announcements, mingle.

6:50pm - Devetry Code Forward Lightning Talks ( and

PyDen welcomes seven new members to the Denver development community! These students recently graduated from Devetry's nine-month Code Forward program. The students began with no prior knowledge and are now deploying full-stack applications in Flask, Vue, and Postgres, using AWS-RDS and Heroku. Coming from a diverse set of personal and professional experiences, the students are thrilled to show off some of their most recent applications to the PyDen community.


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