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Lightning Talks For and By Women* with WWCode

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It's time for lightning talks from PyLadies members who identify as women in a way significant to them! Thank you to Yelp for providing the space, food (gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options available), and drinks.

Interested in giving a 5-minute talk about any topic related to tech or working in tech? Sign up to give a talk by August 2nd: [EDIT: Signups are closed.]

If you need help getting your talk ready and submitted, please consider attending this prep event on August 2nd:

More details about the talks:

-Click here for talk ideas (
-Any language/technology goes (you're not limited to Python).
-We will be cutting each talk off at five minutes, so please time yourself beforehand to make sure you've got under five minutes.
-Do not have more than 10 slides. Presentations must be on Google Drive.
-Make sure all fonts are at least 24pt.
-Make sure the your name, title, and whatever contact info you want to share are on at least one slide.
-Leave out any unnecessary background info and focus on one small thing.

6:00 PM Doors open
6:30 PM Welcome, a few words from Yelp
6:40 PM Talks (5-10 minutes each)
8:00 PM Doors close
8:10 PM 10-min break
8:20 PM More lightning talks or socialize
9:00 PM Time to go

Please note:
-Members who identify as women in a way significant to them are invited to speak at and attend this event. Some men from Yelp facilities will be present. Bathrooms will be open to all genders.
-Talks will be filmed.
-You will need ID to check in. If your full name is not reflected on your Meetup account, please enter first and last name here:
-There is no indoor bike parking. Parking lot info here (
-If you are under 21, please RSVP directly to the organizers.

UPDATE 8/4—Here are the amazing talks:

Xun Tang—"How Likely Would You Give A Five-Star Review on Yelp—Getting Your Hands Dirty with scikit-learn"
Lana Lee—"Practice code. Not too much. Mostly APIs."
Melissa Skevington—"How I Proved My Parents Love Me Best"
Lizzie Siegle—"Realtime Heart Rate Data Visualization with Apple Watch and PubNub EON"
Lena Gunn—"Things we've learned about working remotely"
Imju Byon—"Get started with electronics"
Lisa Ballard—"Tracking Space Probes with Python"
Siobhán K Cronin—"Data in Motion: Form and Movement in Complex Systems"
Rachel Thomas—"Deep Learning: More than a Fad"
Monique Blake—"Demystifying Arduino Programming"
Michelle Zaffino—"Computational Journalism & Data In the Stacks"
Christina Foran—"Pass/Fail: Evaluating Code from a Teacher's Perspective"
Nithi Narayanan—"What I Learned From Being Both a PM and a Dev"
Liz Lee—"What No One is saying about Online Harassment"
Anna Schneider—"Handling unconscious bias"
Julie Hollek—"Multi-Armed Bandit Playing to Win/SciPy Recap"
Michelle Glauser—"Empowering Neighbors in Need With Tech Skills"
Elisa Sawyer—"A Writer's Theory of Everything"