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The Joys of Programming, PyGotham review, & PyPlans for a 12/12 Social
[1] PyGotham: Aissatou Barry, Capital One. Aissatou will tell us about her trip to PyGotham. [2] The Joys of Programming by George Flanagin, University of Richmond We will make a quick review of slop through the ages, including the two sloppiest languages of all, PHP and assembly language, and see how they compare with the rigid type system of Python. Instead of wasting our time with OOAD/P, let's look at some reasons you might want to go instead. There are advantages to having one's own style of programming. As a manager of software development for more than a decade, and as a programmer for more than two decades, I will attest that distinctive styles are an advantage for all concerned. If you worry about conformity, sending code through the PyPi project's autopep8 in its "--aggressive" mode can make your code look the same at checkin/push. [3] December is traditionally when we get together for a purely social event. There will be discussion of possible venues and activities. As always, some of us stay until 8:30pm to answer any member's questions about Python.

Jepson School of Leadership Studies

28 Westhampton Way · Richmond

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