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What we’re about

The Python Nairobi User Group is a community of software developers and enthusiasts in Nairobi, Kenya, who are passionate about the Python programming language. As a group, we strive to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices in the Python ecosystem, and promote its adoption and growth in the local tech industry.

As a member of the Python Software Foundation (PSF), we align with their mission of advancing the Python programming language, supporting and facilitating the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers, and promoting and supporting education in Python-related fields.

Our group meets monthly to discuss various topics related to Python, such as web development, scientific computing, machine learning, data science, automation, DevOps, and more. Discussion of frameworks, libraries, packages, etc. built with or on top of Python is also of interest to the group and we'll talk about those things too. We also organize speaker sessions, workshops, and hackathons to help members improve their Python skills and build practical applications.

In addition to technical discussions, our group also provides a platform for networking and socializing among members. We believe that building strong relationships and connections is vital in creating a vibrant and supportive community.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Python developer, joining our group will provide you with valuable opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow with other like-minded individuals in the Nairobi tech community.

If you are interested in Python and want to connect with fellow enthusiasts, please join our group and be a part of the thriving Python community in Nairobi.

We are also available online via our other social channels:

All Activities in Python Nairobi will be carried out in adherence to the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct