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This is the community of Python programmers in Pune and beyond. Our primary mechanism of interactions is via the PythonPune google group (http://groups.google.com/group/PythonPune) (forum). It hosts discussions of meetings being planned, various tech Q&A about Python, meeting minutes, discussions about the community itself etc. We encourage Python programmers to join the group. The PythonPune website (http://pune.python.org.in/) is a great place to get an overall idea about the group.

To schedule a meetup, kindly approach the group moderators via the PythonPune mailing list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pythonpune).

Please refer to PythonPune Code of Conduct https://github.com/pythonpune/meetup-talks/#code-of-conduct before joining the group.

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PyCon India Flames | Python Mega Meetup

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NOTE: This is an online event, please join us live here https://bit.ly/3hALz18 on 19th September at 10:00 AM PyCon India (https://in.pycon.org/2020) is the largest gathering of Pythonistas in India for the Python programming language. The 12th edition of PyCon India will be taking place online from 2nd October to 5th October 2020. Before that event all the Python user groups across India are collaborating together this month for a mega meetup. So we would love to have your participation representing PythonPune meetup group in the event as speakers as well as attendees. Agenda: 1. SOLID principles by Prakash Tripathi (30m) 2. String Theory: Bytes vs Strings by Vijay Kumar (30m) 3. The website story by Arjoonn (30m) 4. The Twelve-Factor Snake by Nabarun Pal (30m) 5. Documenting your next Python Project by Vipul Gupta (30m) 6. How I submitted my first Core Python patch by Abhijeet Kasurde (30m) 7. Approximation Techniques for multidimensional queries using Datasketches Library by Srimathi Harinarayanan (30m) You are always welcome to talk about anything you are working on, be it small Python program you wrote, a new library you tried. Please create an GitHub issue. Note: slots for this month are full, please create an GitHub issue so that we can schedule your talk in future meetups. https://github.com/pythonpune/meetup-talks/issues/new/choose How to join? Airmeet link: https://www.airmeet.com/e/558a2ea0-f713-11ea-9387-3373ec510970 NOTE: This is an online event, please join us live here https://bit.ly/3hALz18 on 19th September at 10:00 AM

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August PythonPune meetup 2020

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