April Python Pune meetup 2017


April Python Pune Meetup 2017

As summer is approaching at its high peak, it's time again to meet up for monthly

pythonpune meetup.


Learn and understand things how it works and how you are solving problems using python programming language.

Program Schedule:

It will consist of 3-4 talks of 30 mins followed by what we want in next upcoming meetup through wishlists.

Finalized Talk Schedule:

1) 10:30 AM : Poruri Sai Rahul - virtualenv
2) 11:00 AM : Prakash Anand - Deep Learning using Keras
3) 11:30 AM : Sourav Sing - Game Theory and Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
4) 12:00 PM : Abhijeet Kasurde - Introduction to Ansible

5) 01:00 PM: Future discussion to improve meetup

How can I submit a talk for this meetup?

• As per the agenda, Feel free to submit talk with topic name and the short description about the talk by commenting on the meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/PythonPune/events/239079298/ .

• It would be good to specify the problem statement which you have solved or learned something new while solving your problem.

• It will be a new python module use case, for example, code refactoring or writing tests for the current project and others.

How can I register for this meetup?

• Go to event link https://www.meetup.com/PythonPune/events/239079298/ and join the meetup and do RSVP to yes.

• If you are not able to get a confirmed RSVP to yes, feel free to drop a comment on meetup page.

Contact Person

Chandan Kumar

Amol Kahat

Ganesh Kadam