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Do you track personal information, hoping to gain insights into yourself or your surrounding world? Are you curious about people who do?

The Dublin Quantified Self group (#QSelfDublin) is for anyone interested in self-tracking. Whether you record your jogging times, how often you communicate with friends or how you are feeling - we would love to hear from you!

We meet regularly & light-heartedly to hear from people who are self-tracking, discuss other areas of self-tracking and even possibly for collaborations between members on self-tracking projects.

Come share what you are doing and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Future trends in self-tracking & healthcare

• Self-experimentation

• Behaviour monitoring

• Lifelogging, lifecaching, lifestreaming

• Location tracking

• Digitizing body info

• Biometric data

• Psychological self-assessments

• Medical self-diagnostics

• Biohacking

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• Meetups blogged at http://quantifiedselfdublin.com/

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More Info on Quantified Self

The Dublin Quantified Self Bl
The Quantified Self blog: http://www.quantifiedself.org
Gary Wolf: http://www.aether.com
Kevin Kelly: http://www.kk.org

QS Tools
Personal informatics and tools by Ian Li - http://personalinformatics.org/
Complete QS Guide to Self-Tracking - http://quantifiedself.com/guide/

Some great apps to get started with:

• Moves - track where you've been, how much you've walked, cycled, jogged.

• Move-o-scope - map your 'moves' data.

• RescueTime - track where you spend your time on during the day. What times are most productive, what apps you use.

• HRV4Training - track your HRV scores on iPhone with the iPhone camera

• Taplogger - easily log statistics, habits, tasks, drinks or anything else.


The Quantified Body - https://thequantifiedbody.net

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