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QUANTUM TELEPORTATION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS Quantum teleportation – the transfer of the quantum state of a particle to another particle an arbitrary distance away, effectively recreating the original particle, while erasing the quantum state of the actual original – has now been achieved for individual particles many times. The quantum states of individual particles, including photons and electrons, and even of entire atoms, have been teleported, and teleportation has been achieved up to a distance of 1400 km (870 mi.) using the Micius satellite. The process used for quantum teleportation takes advantage of the phenomenon Einstein call “spooky action at a distance,” quantum entanglement, in which pairs of particles can become entangled at the same location, transported any distance away from each other, and then seemingly communicate their measured states to each other instantaneously, without regard for the limitations imposed by the speed of light. But quantum teleportation nonetheless still is limited by the speed of light, because information about the results of measurement involving one of the entangled particles and a third particle (the particle whose quantum state is to be teleported) must still be communicated to the location of the second entangled particle via traditional means, in order to achieve the teleportation of the quantum state of the non-entangled particle to it. Quantum teleportation raises exciting possibilities. Perhaps most popular among these is the prospect of the teleportation of macroscopic objects by teleporting the quantum states of each of their trillions upon trillions of individual particles. Does quantum teleportation make this possible, in theory if not also in practice? Could it even be possible to transfer our brains or our consciousness via quantum teleportation? Could we eventually teleport the quantum states of all the particles comprising a human being, and if so, would the result be the same human being, consciousness and all? PLEASE JOIN US ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, AT 4:00 P.M., when QPDG member Mara Hopewell will lead a presentation and discussion regarding quantum teleportation and its exciting and mind-bending implications. We hope to see you there! Mara has suggested that you review the following brief articles/videos in preparation for the meeting: Teleportation of Quantum Data Has Been Achieved Will We Ever Be Able to Teleport? Michio Kaku: Could We Transport Our Consciousness into Robots?

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    "If you feel alone in your head pondering the nature of reality, infinite realities, quantum entanglement, gravity, the absolute speed of light, black holes, space & time, dark energy, relativity, the Big Bang, the multiverse, and the like; consider joining this group for some friendly thinking and discussion. My hope is to create an exciting, nurturing environment, where we can be openly curious, and circulate among ourselves video clips, articles, documentaries and books we've been watching and reading."

    "As a side note, most of us are not scientists — we just love to learn. This group welcomes beginners, experts, and all those in between, with the understanding that we are all coming from different levels of exposure and interest. The single thing we share in common is a deep curiosity about the power of real science — and the nature of the almost unfathomable universe we inhabit. So we're hoping we can get a diverse group together and have some fun!"

    The above is the description originally written by the group's founder, Vanessa Shakib.

    I would just add the following observations:

    There has never been a more exciting and productive time in the history of applied and theoretical physics! Ingenious experiments combined with theoretical ideas proposed by some of the greatest minds in science are exploding and creating fundamentally new paradigms, to a degree that is certainly unprecedented in the history of all of the sciences — and within the area of physics in particular.

    The majority of our loyal Quantum Physics Discussion Group Members are interested in the more substantive ideas of physics, both experimental and theoretical, and far less interested, if at all, in the "new-age," loosey- goosey, marginally speculative fantasy or "spiritual" thinking that sometimes, and maybe even too often, passes for science. Not that we don't welcome highly imaginative ideas, because if nothing else modern physics and its underpinnings in mathematics and philosophy, are the essence of the richest imagination combined with rigorous thinking.

    Please join us on what is usually the last Sunday of each month, as we explore and try to better understand the dazzling and mind-blowing ideas that continue to inspire all of us, amateurs and semi-professionals alike, in the world of physics.

    Just one final thing to add, though, is that this group costs money to run. If you enjoy our meetings, please contribute something. If you're not able to donate, please come anyway – because we value your presence more than anything.

    –– Julian Krainin

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