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What we’re about

We are a queer womxn, lez, nonbinary, trans guys and gals social group who believe diversity is the spice of life! A supportive community made up of artists, writers, academics, blue collar, leather, professionals, students, homemakers, and techies. We embrace our gender-queer diversity: butch, femme, lipstick les, power femme, “just me”, leather daddies, introverts looking to extrovert, fabulous androgyny, trans guys and gals.
Our interests are as diverse as our members and activities!
Join us on a variety of fun, low-key events; conversational dining, dancing, picnics, hiking, camping, game nights, singles mixers, kickball, book club and movie group. An active discussion board with whimsical and meaningful topics on subjects that matter to us.
If you're looking to engage with other queer folx in 'real time' then this is the group for you! A place to learn, grow, support and have fun with Sacramento's wonderful rainbow community.
Hope to see you at one of our gatherings soon.