Be an Ambassador for Dining Out for Life (two shifts)

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We have been invited to act as Ambassadors for Dining Out For Life in Partnership with Project Open Hand and Lost and Found Beer Garden. QMB will essentially act as the host of the party. Each Dining Out For Life Oakland partner restaurant will donate a portion of their proceeds from this one special day of dining towards Project Open Hand.

*Two shifts run from 5PM to 8PM and 7:30PM to 10:30PM. Please RSVP to all times you are available and we will decide which can be staffed by whom closer to the date.

All money raised makes a local impact, benefiting the sick and vulnerable throughout our Oakland community.

For over 30 years in Oakland, Project Open Hand has created a loving and supportive community to ensure that our neighbors with HIV/AIDS have access to healthy food and essential nutrition resources. Their mission is to improve health outcomes and quality of life for the critically-ill by providing nutritious meals prepared and delivered with love by their dedicated staff and volunteers.

As a Dining Out For Life Ambassador, you will act as the face of our organization and be a host at one of our Oakland restaurants.

What we're supposed to do:

*Invite our friends to dine at the event.

Greet diners and talk to them about the raffle and donations after their server has taken their drink order.

In your conversation with diners:
• Introduce yourself as a volunteer with Dining Out for Life.
• Ask them if they know about Dining Out for Life.
• If they answer yes, you can say, “Thank you for being here tonight in support of Dining Out for Life”. Then
move on to explain the raffle and hand out the envelope.
• If they answer no, you can say, “Today, this restaurant is generously donating 25% (or 30% or 50%,
depending on your restaurant) of today’s sales to help provide life-saving services for our neighbors living
with HIV/AIDS. All of the proceeds from tonight will go directly to Project Open Hand.”
• Provide a donation slip to each diner. Let them know that by filling out the donation slip, they qualify
for one free entry in our Oaktown Raffle Package. If they make a donation, they are qualified for
additional entries. The raffle winner will be pulled on May 10th. You will have a instructions on your
clipboard listing all the prizes in the package.
• Diners can return the donation slips to you before leaving or they can return by mail by May 10th. If
they would like to make a cash or check donation, please make sure they give you the donation AND a
donation slip. Please put all the donation slips and any donations in the large Collection Envelope that’s
provided to you.
At the end of the evening:
Collect all donation slips. Some will leave them on the table or some may bring them to you. Check with the
wait staff to see if they have any donation slips.
Keep donation slips in your collection envelope in a secure area, as many will contain cash.
Bring your envelopes, pens and materials to the Project Open Hand HQ at Lost & Found Beer Garden at 2040
Telegraph Ave, Oakland.