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Salam All,

Dr Sultan Abdulhameed will present on topic of Mindless Prayers. We will be participating through Conference call.

Learn from the extraordinary wisdom of the Quran and take your life to a higher level.

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Some of the questions often asked about prayer are: What is the purpose of prayer? Does it really work? Why can’t I concentrate in prayer? Will I burn in hell if I don’t pray?

We can get some answers by considering negative prayer, the prayer that harms. This is highlighted in

Sura 107 Ayas 4–5:

There is calamity for those who are praying,

Who are unmindful in their prayer.

The practice of unmindful prayer is very common. You are praying and your mind is somewhere else. It damages a person’s spirit and produces chaos in his or her life. It is because of a lack of understanding of this fact that so many people who pray regularly live failed lives. Many others see them then conclude that it is better to stay away from religion. How to become more mindful in prayer will be the focus of our meeting.

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