What we're about

" R " Hub covers Revival , Renewal , Restoration, Reconciliation , Re-discovering , Realization, Rebuilding , Rising Up ! .... This is a group for any individual who desire to know more about oneself , building up one's confidence , have a healthy self-image , realize one's gifting , learn how to build relationships with others, learning to let go of past & come alive in Christ .. therefore have a transformed life. We plan seminars & workshop that will be facilitated by professional counsellors that will help grow confidence, create opportunities to meet more like-minded people ; healthy environment to connect ; build friendships, relationships & families.

We will also be conducting meaningful life transformational Bible studies that will help increase understanding of bible knowledge, biblical application to living a true Christian life & becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

May we settle for :

Who we are & what we are called to do

What's best for our life

What God wants us to be

Risers mean

1) One who rises, especially from sleep ( Awakening )

2) A platform, as for elevating a group of people above a crowd ( Outstanding )

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Kingdom Revival

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