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RVML's Summer Film Series at Hidden Springs: July 11- Aug 15:

Have you ever watched a great film and wanted to talk about it with others? Join Marla Estes & Rob Schläpfer to explore BEING HUMAN with a selection of six critically-acclaimed films. 7pm THURSDAYS at Hidden Springs Wellness Center, 1651 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland. Suggested donation $5-20. Presented by Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, Cosponsored by Conscious Living Fair. Refreshments provided by Awake Cafe & Gallery.
INFO: 541-552-9119 www.rvml.org (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rvml.org%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1kXcDn66qjFQ2kEhS9vE-RMhPPx3GuEdcItfbskRTS-3z_OXbTWPGh24A&h=AT1FHhVf3e6TqdRHdFIwZYxMXRIMg1ErgxvK4BSd4Yv8ljhDBDloeBG135LvisdluYRmIIfse6co5W_QSDNRjpasWByYzEapyIKHaZuurx8deAyHQHfssVt7BSF5FbMKpDBTX1Id68mED7M0khzhEzMMBLBZ9JBHLGTf9bPhGm4JfZxP16SpY6Q0X71GZi2MER9_wW6MIV1sH2UcE1MHXS5ZbjhFCpeUW5yxKZwYEQaEDPpiLY4pxyd0KPL8ipOF0FD3DhiL0C8vPWWXhZVehJKttXkKElQt1GRurGk_m13Obh9uqHBUKokiwnuZDOLEdNMyBBE8wOxSLsiBFKJxktztzM0h3ceAg0Pc8AmiPM9W7QwKrxLvtqdptfiD0oWoJpxbW5pFovD_jEGaf0ga3eNzhGN2xDyip9HlyXkj52x_ZVKFYLEvyq6gF06Jb6QYSTCuoX-aP7Mw9OEsFZHmzo7xznktItDhMx8Fp-YiOslJE5OlIlz-ym-Pj3cy0ceQNo0ZKNHB0xEB99kxpy3CI20PT9w5_rG3l50VUYBmvc9Mazcv_u5IgyXylnoJS5EL3aM8F01c96NrKZKDYj4O-9fexx4Ri7s3Xggr5nsH6-KtZ_pqnC9MTSqMf8oDCBfLazMhtb2iMvX17wLMe9knpNc1ZnNa2dmtQtWrDeA_hYp58K_4_otMo7jWDTxFr7KBoITROlx68l8_P5g97qp-OPoHvM89Ux11)

July 11: Exploring Consciousness "Her"
HER imagines a world in the not-so-distant future where technology and AI attempt to supply more and more of our human needs.

July 18: Exploring Doubt "Doubt"
DOUBT asks us to grapple with the play between doubt and certainty, especially when guilt or innocence is involved ~ exploring assumptions and prejudices.

July 25: Exploring Ideology "Sound of My Voice"
SOUND OF MY VOICE is the story of two documentary filmmakers who attempt to expose a cult led by a charismatic leader who claims to be from the future.

August 1: Exploring Relationships "500 Days of Summer"
500 DAYS OF SUMMER chronicles the stages of a romantic relationship ~ moving from idealization and romantic fantasy to growth ~ ultimately.

August 8: Exploring Trauma "Lars & the Real Girl"
LARS & THE REAL GIRL follows a socially awkward young man who develops a romantic yet platonic relationship with an anatomically-correct sex doll.

August 15: Exploring Happiness "Hector & the Search for Happiness"
HECTOR & THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS is the story of a psychiatrist who goes around the world to try to find out what makes people happy.

Everyone welcome! $5-$20 suggested donation

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Exploring Happiness: "Hector and the Search for Happiness"

Hidden Springs Wellness Center

Exploring Trauma: "Lars and the Real Girl"

Hidden Springs Wellness Center

Exploring Relationships: "500 Days of Summer"

Hidden Springs Wellness Center

Exploring Ideology: "Sound of My Voice"

Hidden Springs Wellness Center

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