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"The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible; it is to dismantle those systems.” Lierre Keith, co-author of the book Deep Green Resistance

Radical Feminist Activists Meetup Group (RadFem) was founded in 2011, has hosted over 600 Meetups of all sorts and had garnered over 500 supporters before a previous organizer shut it down on New Year's Day 2016. That organizer began a new less inclusive group with a similar name and we wish them only the best. But lost in the process were all records, files, studies, reports, photos, discussions, e-lists, event history... the entire institutional memory of this group representing the collective product of many feminists over a period of years.

Those resources were created for the benefit of, and were open to, the entire Feminist community, members and non-members alike. It will take some time, but we are rebuilding both the site and the collective inclusive spirit of the group. Silence is not an option. Over the past year we have been able to restore or replicate some of this information. In 2016 we hosted/posted over 70 Meetups and membership has risen to over 800 people interested in confronting misogyny and advancing a radical feminist agenda at home and globally, across lines of race, class, gender and ethnicity.

Please be a feminist or open to feminism if you join. There are plenty of other groups to join if you are neither. Beyond that, we welcome feminists of all stripes, colors, creeds, and gender identities who are committed to challenging, confronting, and ultimately dismantling Patriarchy. Together we hope to forge a path to sexual equality and gender justice for all, not just by talking among ourselves, but by speaking out, writing, marching, demonstrating, protesting and actively projecting a loud and fierce voice in opposition to Rape Culture and the War on Women.

This is a member-led and self-directed group. Please share not only events of interest, but ideas for actions we can take individually or collectively. Post to the message board, upload files to share, or suggest a Meetup. Courtesy and respect are expected and extended. Your private contact information is always protected by Meetup and shared with no one, not even the organizers.

This group subscribes and adheres to the elements of Security Culture as enumerated by Deep Green Resistance here: SECURITY CULTURE. (http://deepgreenresistance.org/en/get-involved/security-culture) Please do not use this site for any commercial purposes, but feel free to initiate discussions and post events of interest.

2016 Post-election note: RESISTANCE... NOW MORE THAN EVER

Male supremacy must end. Oppression and violence are not natural or inevitable. Neither is patriarchy or any collection of interlocking/intersecting systems of oppression. Radical Feminism, in the truest sense of the word 'Radical', is about going to the root of the systems of oppression that we all participate in and perpetuate, creating change from the ground up and making the world a better, more equitable, non-oppressive place.

We believe change is possible and above all necessary. Radical Feminist Activists is a place for Radical Feminists to gather, consciousness raise, get creative, share stories, and engage in activism in New York City and beyond. Please join us in this struggle.

Issues we care about (neither exhaustive nor in any hierarchy):

- Reproductive rights and women's healthcare
- Domestic violence
- Rape and sexual abuse
- Human trafficking
- Childhood sexual abuse (CSA)
- Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
- 'Honor' Violence (so-called)
- History of feminist theory and what sets Radical Feminism apart
- The wage gap and the glass ceiling
- Sexual harassment and stalking
- Heteronormativity, homophobia, transphobia
- Violence against sex/gender nonconforming people
- Femicide
- Pornography
- Prostituted women
- Sex/gender roles and stereotypes
- Sexism in media and advertising
- Global solidarity
- Intersection w/ race and class oppression
- Racism
- Islamophobia and antiSemitism
- Mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex
- Migration and Immigrant rights

Join us to plan activist events and projects; get together to discuss feminism, current events, and anything else of interest; plan creative projects like advertising campaigns, videos, stories, spoken word and poetry; and start activist actions on issues that matter to us all!

Peace, Justice and Freedom...

Upcoming events (2)

'WHY DOES PATRIARCHY PERSIST?', book discussion w/ the authors, 1/31/19ce

Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider: Why Does Patriarchy Persist? https://www.strandbooks.com/event/carol%2Dgilligan%2Dnaomi%2Dsnider Thursday January 31: 7:00PM – 8:00PM Strand Bookstore: Rare Book Room 828 Broadway at 12th Street Please Note: This event is free to attend. Please RSVP HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jModgi74WfsOyVRUUZaSoJdp_V_S8GN8jOu8csHZxn4/viewform?edit_requested=true If you'd like you can reserve a copy of Why Does Patriarchy Persist? to pick up at the event, you may do so by clicking the link above. The election of an unabashedly patriarchal man as US President was a shock for many—despite decades of activism on gender inequalities and equal rights, how could it come to this? What is it about patriarchy that seems to make it so resilient and resistant to change? Undoubtedly it endures in part because some people benefit from the unequal advantages it confers. But is that enough to explain its stubborn persistence? In this highly original and persuasively argued book, Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider put forward a different view: they argue that patriarchy persists because it serves a psychological function. By requiring us to sacrifice love for the sake of hierarchy, patriarchy protects us from the vulnerability of loving and becomes a defense against loss. Uncovering the powerful psychological mechanisms that underpin patriarchy, the authors show how forces beyond our awareness may be driving a politics that otherwise seems inexplicable. Join us in the Rare Book Room as Carol and Naomi discuss their book.

Celebrate the Courage of the Suffragists in 2020!

Everywhere Women Live and Work

August 2020 is the Centennial Anniversary of the ratification by the States, of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, finally conferring upon women the right to vote. There damn well better be a host of significant events to commemorate this hard won achievement. What did it take to get there? How far have we come? How far do we have yet to travel to achieve gender equality? In this generation the fight for women's reproductive rights is akin to the Suffrage movement. Something that is so obvious it should be assumed, but is nonetheless opposed by an entrenched investment in a Patriarchal trope: Women, like children, are not sufficiently capable of monitoring and making decisions about their own medical care, even in consultation with their private physician. "We"= Men= the State, must intervene to assert our judgement over their own. And so we soldier on.

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