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What we’re about

Radiant Soul Community Share is a collaborative space offering holistic wellness alternatives, mind-body-spirit balancing and education, and deep soul connections for all. Our events and members are committed to fostering a sense of ONEness in the community, while supporting with excitement and appreciation the unique gifts and talents we hold as individuals and as a collective. We check our egos at the door and dedicate our connections with each other to a philosopy of peaceful living, fair energy exchange, and unconditional love.

We are a heart-centered community open to promoting, sharing, and offering workshops, classes, retreats and unique special events relevant to personal or business development in all holistic fields, including but not limited to: holistic health, alternative therapies, spirituality, metaphysics, energy medicine, intuitive and psychic development, and many other inspiring, uplifting topics. Our events may be held in-person, live in the greater Phoenix area, or via webinar, or teleconference.

The topics discussed during these community events may include but are not limited to: Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Energy Healing, Massage, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Spiritual Alchemy, Zero Point Fields, Manifestation, Sacred Geometry, Green Living Concepts, Alternative Energy Systems, Shamanism, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Unity Consciousnesss, Sacred Relationships, Psychic Development, Empathic Processing, Drumming, Gong and Crystal Bowl Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Art, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Kids Holistic Events, Personal Transformation, Group Energy Shares, Herbology, Crystal Healing, Color Therapies, Charity Events, and many other topics.

We look forward to joining together in a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and inspiration as we encourage ourselves and others to let our inner light shine!

Love, light, and vibrant wellness always, <br>Jeanette St.Germain <br> <br>

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