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Raise Your Vibration Group will offer many events in 2018 to help you raise your personal vibration and attract the life you dream of. Our mission is to provide a community with other like minded individuals so we can share and encourage each other on this consciousness journey. Our group is open to everyone that is looking to raise their vibrational frequency and step into a new state of being. Would you like to explore the web of consciousness and see what is really possible with a group of people who are focused together for raising their personal vibration? Shifting within and becoming the change we want to see in this world. Stepping into our higher self we are then able to impact this world in amazing ways. Allowing joy, peace and love to radiate from within and ripple out into the world.

Past events (18)

Attracting a Sacred Partner

Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness

Energy Clearing with Audrey

Mystic Wellness

New Year's Day Yoga Flow

Mystic Wellness


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