NYAC @ The Guggenheim, Frank Lloyd Wright's Temple of Spirit (Pre-Pay)

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In 1943, architect Frank Lloyd Wright was asked to create "a temple of spirit" to house the Guggenheim Museum's growing art collection — 16 years later, Wright's building was completed, one that not only housed art, but was art itself...a living, breathing organism with a seemingly endless amount of depth and character, the ultimate testament to architectural creativity in a city skyline steeped in rectangular monotony. This is the story of one of the world's most fascinating buildings, told through an exploration from its subterranean floors to center oculus 96 feet above.

Join New York Adventure Club (https://www.nyadventureclub.com/) for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of The Guggenheim Museum (https://www.guggenheim.org/) in New York, an internationally renowned art museum that is a vital cultural center, educational institution, and the heart of an international network of Guggenheim Museums throughout the world.

Led by one of the museum's most experienced Gallery Educators, our unique architectural-focused experience will include:

• The origin story of The Guggenheim, from the museum director's request to architect Frank Lloyd Wright for "a temple of spirit, a monument," to the various factors behind why the project took 16 years to complete
• An in-depth look at the masterful architectural elements hiding in plain sight, including low balconies to heighten spatial awareness, circular windows allowing in natural light on every level, and furniture/fixtures that seem to float
• A discussion around the three-year restoration/expansion project in 1990 that added an eight-story tower to the museum and additional gallery space
• Exclusive access to non-public areas throughout the museum, including the subterranean theater and a secret balcony overlooking Central Park

Our tour will conclude at the top of the museum's rotunda, where you'll be able to browse the temporary and permanent exhibitions for the remainder of the day.

Click here to see pictures from one of our last visits to The Guggenheim!

See you there!

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