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What we’re about

Proactive neuroplasticity not only dramatically moderates the symptoms of neuroses but is fundamentally applicable to the pursuit of personal goals and objectives —harnessing our intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living.

Proactive neuroplasticity accelerates learning by deliberately compelling our brain to repattern its neural circuitry. It is what makes learning and registering new experiences possible. All information notifies our brain to restructure, producing a correlated change in behavior and perspective.

The deliberate, repetitive, neural input of information (DRNI) accelerates and consolidates learning, empowering us to transform our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives, creating healthy new mindsets, skills, and abilities.

We hold monthly online calls focusing on the science of proactive neuroplasticity while learning how to construct our neural information and devise a structured plan to successfully pursue our goals and objectives.

We are a national, diverse membership created for the purpose of expanding the learning horizons of proactive neuroplasticity and DRNI. To that end, we hold monthly online calls, offer workshops, and facilitate a website dedicated to empowerment and the pursuit of goals and objectives through neural restricting and behavioral modification.

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