FREE TALK : Introduction to Inner Child Integration Therapy Training


For the first time in Singapore, ReDefine Wellness Academy presents Inner Child Integration Therapy training with Trisha Caetano, a renowned international trainer and pioneer in Inner Child and Regression Therapy.

Are you….

Healing Practitioners/Therapists looking for a powerful healing tool or skill sets to deepen your practice and take you to a next level ?

Looking for advanced techniques that work with deeper issues such as trauma, disassociative disorder, abuse, archetypal distortion?

Looking to unlock childhood experiences that has affected your behaviour and kept you feeling trapped physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ?

Struggling with the disharmonious parts of yourself and trying to rediscover the hidden part of yourself ?

Whether you are a therapist seeking to enhance your skills or individuals who are seeking to rediscover and heal the hidden part of yourself… this course offers integration work that allows the therapist to move a client or yourself to explore deeper parts of the psyche.

Introducing the Inner Child Integration Therapy Training which allows us to address some of these deep issues.

As a certified therapist - this integration work allows the therapist to move a client to explore deeper parts of the psyche. The process allows the client to understand their inner myths and the emotional and attitudinal patterns that unconsciously influence their physical, mental and emotional behavior. Because these life scripts, beliefs, problems and patterns are repeated on many developmental levels, we approach resolution in many ways.

As a practioner - this work allows you to understand yourself deeply and heal from within.

This Inner Child Integration Therapy Certification is recognized by EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy).

Join us for an introductory talk to find out more about this first ever Inner Child Integration Therapy Certification in Singapore !

What will we cover in the talk?

This talk will cover the following topics

What is Inner Child Integration Therapy (ICIT)?

Understanding how ICIT can resolve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

What can you get out of it for yourselves and your clients?

How's (ICIT) different from hypnotherapy and other similar modalities

One free guided healing inner child group theray to get you started on your personal healing journey

Brief Details and Highlights of the Course :

The therapy course is a 6-modules curriculum and helps individuals aspiring to be Therapists or even to work on themselves get maximum practice during the two-year programme.

About the trainer : Trisha Caetano

For More Details :

Call Pooja at[masked] or Shirley at[masked] or text us at [masked] to reserve a place for the free talk.

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