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Link to event issue: https://github.com/react-knowledgeable/react-knowledgeable-talks/issues/9
Submit a talk: create an issue at our talks repo – https://github.com/react-knowledgeable/talks/

🗓 Date: Thursday, Sept 5, 2019
🗺 Venue: HackerspaceSG

RK this month
This month, we have our magic girl @bokukage on a hooks talk about her drawing moon walk and duck walk on a screen. It's super cool you absolutely have to see this.

We'll also have a mysterious friend (hint: you may know him! or her!) to join us with a cool sharing on the topic of open source.

- 19:00 Door opens and chills
- 19:30 ⚛ React this month
- 19:40 First 3 talks
- 20:15 Question break
- 20:30 Last 2 talks && talks from the ground
- 21:00 Go home