React Native San Francisco Meetup at Coinbase

React Native San Francisco
React Native San Francisco
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IMPORTANT: This event is limited in size and a confirmed RSVP for each person is required to attend. Please remember to bring your photo ID. Your registered name on Meetup must match your ID for admission.

Food & Drinks Provided

6:30pm - 7:00pm: Arrivals & Introductions
7:00pm - 7:30pm: 1. Embedding a Lua-based game engine into a React Native app.
7:30pm - 8:00pm: 2. Working with Blockchains in React Native.
8:00pm - 8:10pm: Lightning Talk: WWDC for React Native developers
8:10pm - 9:00pm: Mingle

Talk 1

Nikhilesh Sigatapu, Software Developer at Exponent

Embedding a Lua-based game engine into a React Native app.

The talk will be about how to embed a Lua game engine, known as LÖVE ( into a React Native application.

Embedding LÖVE into your React Native application allows you to leverage features such as its high-performance graphics, native physics engine, UDP / ENet networking libraries for multiplayer.

In the past Nikhilesh has worked on Expo's React Native GL library.

Talk 2

Connor McEwen, Mobile Lead - Celo ( )

Working with Blockchains in React Native.

React Native's use of JavaScript not only enables cross-platform applications but also gives developers access to tooling that may only exist in JavaScript. This talk will cover the tools, libraries, forking, and lessons learned in building a mobile application that talks to a blockchain.

Connor has been using React Native since the beta came out and currently leads the Applications team working on Celo. Celo aims to make financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Lightning Talk:

Radek Pietruszewski, WWDC for React Native developers Summary

Radek's talk is going to be a summary of all the most important news from Apple's worldwide developer's conference that's happening this week. He is going to talk about why you should care about it, what it means for your app, and for the future of the React Native ecosystem.

Radek ( is in town from Poland. He describes himself as a software writer. Proud generalist. Poking the box since 1995. 🚀♻️ @Nozbe, @thepodcastfm, @TadamApp & @radex_io.

Radek is also going to be speaking at Chain React in Poland in July on Successful Web & React Native Code Sharing Strategies.