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***Front Door Locks right at 6pm, if you're locked out txt[masked] to be let in if I'm not there***

Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies. Talks/topics to be covered:

"Fitter, Happier, More Productive Code with Everything in it's Right Place" by Holly Girouard

Tips to have cleaner code in React 16+, that your colleagues will praise you for.

"OSS - What, Why, and How" by Sarah Meyer

A short journey into OSS land and how it helps the individual and the community grow. I started out not knowing what OSS even was and now OSS projects have become a huge part of my everyday development toolkit. With this talk, I want to give you a little insight into what it means to contribute to Open Source, why it means so much to the development community as a whole, and how you can start contributing today. I will cover some awesome OSS projects and how to start your own.

Thank you to our event sponsor, Formidable Labs!