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Firebase & Functional Reactive

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Christopher D.


Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies. There is a lightrail stop at the corner of where the meetup is.

Talks/topics to be covered:

Firebase & Database Structure by Madison Kerndt

This talk is geared towards beginners and intermediate level developers who wish to improve their knowledge of the other side, other side of structuring data that is. Whether accustomed to relational databases or non-relational databases the other side is worth learning in order to choose the option that fits the context of your application. With a notable focus on non-relational databases we will dive further into the non-relational world. We will look at situations where non-relational databases are the best fit for your next React application and walk through the implementation process of Firebase within it.

Introducing Functional, Reactive Programming by Kofi Gumbs

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) sounds like an abstract paradigm with few tangible benefits. Thus, many dismiss it out of hand. That is a mistake.Many of the principles behind FRP represent natural extensions of common design patterns. It emphasizes separation of business logic and implementation details on a whole new level.This may sound like a big change, but it is easy to adopt FRP in incremental steps: no re-writes required! Using Elm as an example, the speaker will explore the observable benefits that FRP can have on your project. You will walk away with a new appreciation for the paradigm and the knowledge required to start implementing it today.

707 17th St, Suite 3800 · Denver, CO