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Meetup group for people who love or want to love ReactJS! Join us as we meet the first Monday of each month (usually). Topics will cover ReactJS and anything in its "ecosystem". We will typically have 2-3 speakers lasting about 30 minutes each. Interested in giving a talk? Shoot a message to the organizers and we will work with you.

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Building Offline-first GraphQL Applications with React & AWS AppSync

Come join us for our first meetup of 2019! Food and beverages will be provided. Talk 1: Using GraphQL in React means using a client. Apollo is one popular option, and Rod Machen from HomeAway will walk through a recent use case with a newly refactored app in this introductory talk. Rod is a software developer at HomeAway, building internal tools. In a previous life he was a high school English teacher, and a before that a journalist. He works mainly on the front end, using React, GraphQL, and Node, though more recently he’s taken up Java. Talk 2: Building your own real-world, secure & scalable GraphQL API can be painful & a lot of work. With AppSync, robust GraphQL APIs including schema, resolvers, and databases are configured automatically and instantly through either the AWS Amplify CLI or the AWS console, abstracting away much of the complexity traditionally involved with setting up a new GraphQL backend. AppSync also offers built in client support for offline & subscriptions for real-time capabilities. In this talk I’ll create connect to a real AppSync API in a demo to demonstrate what we discussed in the talk in a live coding exercise. Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS specializing in cross-platform & cloud-enabled application development.

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