Taming communication protocols with Akka Typed

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Statically typed languages like Java and Scala allow us to exclude large classes of programming errors before the first test is run. Unfortunately, these guarantees are limited to the local behavior within a single process, the compiler cannot tell us that we are sending the wrong message to another actor. Therefore distributed computing comes at the cost of having to write large test suites, with timing-dependent non-determinism.

In this presentation we take a peek at the current state of a promising solution to this problem: parameterized ActorRefs plus static effect tracking. With these tools we can instruct the compiler to yell at us when we forget to send a message or send it at the wrong time.

The talk will be in English. After the talk, we will have beer and pizza at the meetup location.

About the location

The entrance is in the middle of the building, at the roofed area near the stairs. Someone will welcome the attendees and guide the way to the elevators. Meetup location is at seventh floor.

About the speaker

Roland (https://rolandkuhn.com) is CTO and co-founder of Actyx (https://www.actyx.io/en/), author of Reactive Design Patterns (https://www.manning.com/books/reactive-design-patterns), a co-author of the Reactive Manifesto (http://www.reactivemanifesto.org), co-teacher of the Coursera course "Principles of Reactive Programming", and a passionate open-source hakker. Previously he led the Akka (http://akka.io) project at Lightbend. He also holds a Dr. rer. nat. in particle physics from TU München and has worked in the space industry for several years. He spends most of his life in the central European timezone.