What we're about

As you can imagine, ReadRunListen! is a mashup of several passions for us, it doesn’t have to be for you! You can choose to join in on whichever activities are of the most interest and most enjoyable to you.


We will meet once a month to discuss a stimulating non-fiction book. We will spend some time chatting at these meetings, but the focus is to get together with others who have put in the time to read the book and would like to share their perspective, and of course, are willing to hear the perspectives of others. Interesting and challenging books will be chosen that provoke critical thinking and intelligent discussion.


We love live music and will travel throughout Orange County and Los Angeles to experience it. We tend to focus more on smaller venues and acts (which also means the costs are significantly less). Many of these acts that we select are either up-and-coming or old favorites. We may also choose some theatrical events just to keep it varied.


We like to run for fun, for exercise and to test ourselves. We also want to run together to increase motivation and to push ourselves. Runners of all experience levels are welcome, the main objective is to get outside and hang out together! We are not professional athletes, we just want to share our interest in running together.

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