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The big SF Bay Summit is coming up on Feb 8 & 9, 2020 in Oakland! Don't miss it! www.sfbsummit.com It's a conference with over 200 Real Estate Investor attendees - focused on networking, building meaningful relationships with other investors, and exchanging ideas. There will also be speakers on a variety of RE topics and strategies, connections for funding and future deals, and a focus on introductions to other real estate investors that are meaningful to your investment career.

Please join the group if you are interested in coming to great Real Estate Networking Summits with lots of wonderful people - many of which I have had the pleasure of meeting. As of early June, I am in the process of finalizing a date for the venue, and have a few great speakers who have volunteered. There will be many California investors coming to this event, but many people are also showing interest from many other states. The topics will range from improving performance on existing RE, asset protection, investment strategies, dissecting individual deals, building out of state networks & investments, and of course - a huge focus on networking and making meaningful relationships.

There are so many great people to connect with, and these summits will be a fantastic opportunity to make connections and learn more - for today, and to build those relationships for the future. This event will take the networking aspect to the next level, with personal introductions to other investors with similar strategies, similar interests, and those who can help educate and connect in those areas.

I look forward to introducing you to others you can benefit from! Whether that be lenders, construction companies, investors, landlords, property managers, wholesalers, flippers, and everything in between - everyone can benefit immensely from expanding their real estate network!

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SF Bay Real Estate Networking Summit - RSVP here for future details

The 2nd Annual REmeetup.com Networking Summit is coming in 2015! RSVP above to get updated info about the event. For those who made it out to the 1st annual event in Nov 2014, what an amazing time! For those who missed it, ask someone who went, or check out their impression HERE (https://www.meetup.com/Real-Estate-Networking-Summits-REmeetup-com/events/204953852/)! (scroll down page)

The speakers and panelists (https://www.meetup.com/Real-Estate-Networking-Summits-REmeetup-com/pages/Speakers_for_Summit/) were phenomenal, attendees (https://www.meetup.com/Real-Estate-Networking-Summits-REmeetup-com/events/204953852/) were amazing to connect with, and a lot of relationships were built over the short weekend. The pictures (https://www.meetup.com/Real-Estate-Networking-Summits-REmeetup-com/photos/25748554/) are worth a thousand words!

If you're ready to step up your investing by interacting with amazing speakers with deep and varied backgrounds, learn new strategies, and most importantly make lasting relationships with other investors, you NEED to come out!

Here's what a few of the 2014 attendees and speakers had to say:

"Best RE event I've ever been to!"
- Thad M., Santa Barbara

"Coming home full of ideas to implement. Home run summit, J.!"
- Jonna W, Idaho

"Amazing weekend! Met tons of of like minded investors from all over. J Martin did an excellent job planning this. I thoroughly enjoyed and got tremendous value from the time invested. I'd do it again!"
- Danny D, Chicago

"I go to a lot of meet ups and RE events and this one was the best in memory. Great people, content and conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Thanks J!!!!"
- Mark G., SF Bay Area

"What a great two days! Lots of good ideas to implement, & met lots of great folks too, nice job from J & his team."
- Dave Van Horn, Pennsylvania

"An exceedingly well-done conference, especially in terms of venue, speakers, vendors, info presented and opportunities for connection. What I learned and who I met will catapult me years forward in my abilities. Count me in for the next one!"
- Erin A., Stockton

"Awesome event! Thanks J for all the hard work you put into this top shelf gathering. Your efforts will be long remembered and should cause all of us to move to another level. The open spirit of the people and willingness to share was phenomenal! Thanks Again!"
- Ralph E, Vallejo

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