Yarn CLI, React + Charts, React Fiber, JSF Architect

Real World React
Real World React
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6:00 - 6:30: Food, drinks, mingling
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6:35 - 7:20: Presentations
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Lightning Talk

Kaylie Kwon: How to Spin a Good Yarn (Package): Tips on Building Faster with Yarn CLI

Yarn has become a popular dependency management tool for its deterministic behavior, but did you know it has even more awesome features that help speed up development? This talk covers quick shortcuts and commands that you can immediately start using to more advanced features available with the upcoming 1.0.0 release of Yarn, including selective resolutions and workspaces.

About Kaylie

Kaylie is a front-end engineer at Eventbrite working on reserved seating product and development tools. She enjoys building interactive UI in the latest ES features and React, as well as contributing to open source projects.

Talk 1

Christina Holland: React + Charts, with and without Libraries
@americanwombat (https://twitter.com/americanwombat)

Getting charts and other data visualizations to work seamlessly with front-end frameworks like React can be a challenge. Many people go straight to D3, but there are other options, including higher-level libraries, or even no libraries at all! I’ll explore the pros and cons of each approach.

About Christina

Christina works on the dashboard team at Pepperdata, building apps to help users get a handle on what's going on with their complex distributed systems. This is her third career after biotech and animation. She likes elegant puzzle solutions, pretty and intuitive UI, and data visualizations that make complex things simple. She also writes comedy pieces for Cracked.com.

Talk 2

Ben Ilegbodu: React Fiber for the rest of us
@benmvp (https://twitter.com/benmvp)

Fiber was introduced in version 16 of React. It is a ground-up rewrite of the React scheduler, typically mis-referred to as the "Virtual DOM." The Fiber-based scheduler supports "cooperative scheduling" and allows for other output renderers besides the browser DOM. In this session geared towards those familiar with React, let’s learn about what React Fiber is and why it exists through the lens of how it will impact your React development and the performance of your apps at runtime.

About Ben

Ben is a Christian, a husband and a father with over 10 years of experience developing for the Web. He is currently the Engineering Manager on Eventbrite’s Frontend Platform team. On the side, Ben also enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and blogging (benmvp.com (http://benmvp.com/)) / tweeting (@benmvp) about his experiences with new web development technologies.

Talk 3

Brian LeRoux: Cloud Architecture as Text
@brianleroux (https://twitter.com/brianleroux)

AWS Lambda enables developers to focus entirely on their application logic free of infrastructure concerns. Lambda functions can be developed in isolation, deployed in seconds, are immediately available with zero downtime, and are endlessly scalable. By combining Lambda with other AWS services, you can unlock various "Lambda Superpowers". However, getting all these services set up is cumbersome and time-consuming. In this talk, Brian discusses how JSF Architect (https://arc.codes/) simplifies this configuration and deployment process with a simple plain text manifest file and npm script-based tooling.

About Brian

Brian is a former member of the Adobe PhoneGap team and helped to foster the Apache Cordova project. He is also responsible for wtfjs. Lately he has been botbuilding on the cloud with begin.com and hacking on Architect, a project of the JS Foundation (JSF).