Hooks + Three.js, Unicode, React + Typescript, & Building a startup in 1 day


Special Announcement
Reactathon 2019 is a go! See the lineup, propose a talk, and purchase tickets at https://www.reactathon.com

This meetup is limited to the first 160 who arrive. After that number is hit, registration will be closed. Please arrive early to ensure entry. Venue is General Assembly.

Venue provided by General Assembly. Food & Drinks provided courtesy of Dropbox.

5:45 - 6:25 - Registration, social hour
6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome
6:35 - 8:00 - Talks
8:00 - 9:00 - Social hour

Talk 1
Aaron Siladi: React Hooks + Three.js

This talk will contain general background info about the experimental new React Hooks API, and show an example of using it to create hybrid React/Three.js components. You'll learn how to create components that have interesting side effects beyond what you can do with the classic lifecycle methods that exist today.

About Aaron
Aaron Siladi is a Senior Software Engineer at HOVER, where he is building UIs that control 3D models. When not writing React code, he can be found hiking, flying drones, or playing with fire.

Talk 2
Justin Hileman: What the Unicode?

Fun and games with Unicode: A quick dive into flag math, emoji shenanigans, code point gotchas, and more.

About Justin
Justin is a software engineer working on Dropbox Paper. He’s the keeper of emoji, and the hanger of punctuation. He wrote all of the bugs—and most of the features—in Paper’s presentation mode. He’s passionate about building great user experiences and products that help people be more productive. He abuses horizontal ellipses more than any other punctuation mark…

Talk 3
Shawn Swyx Wang: Getting started with React + TypeScript

TypeScript is increasingly being adopted in React apps at scale, from AirBnb to Shopify to Atlassian. In this live coding talk, we walk through best practices and introduce everything you need to know to get started, WITHOUT getting lost in arcane generic type logic!

About Swyx
Swyx is an Infinite Builder working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at Egghead.io and /r/reactjs.

Talk 4
Swizec Teller: The modern web is crazy productive

When I started building products some 10 years ago, the web was a dark place.

* Wanna charge a credit card? At least a week of work.
* Wanna store user info? You better know how to run and host MySQL.
* Want to go live? Good luck configuring Nginx or Apache.
* Want a dynamic experience on the frontend? Browsers don’t even use the same JavaScript.

Nowadays you can conceptualize and launch a product in 1 day. React makes it super easy to build webapps, UI kits mean you don’t need design skills, Gatsby makes your stuff fast, GraphQL makes it easy to get data, Serverless means you never have to configure a server again.

Honestly it’s amazing. We live in the future.

This talk, inspired by the #24hrstartup challenge, is about how all of a sudden you actually can build a startup in one day.

About Swizec
Swizec is an engineering consultant, trainer, and author of ES 2017 (https://es2017.io/), React + D3 v4 (https://swizec.com/reactd3js/), and others. He blogs at swizec.com and vlogs at https://youtube.com/user/TheSwizec

Code of Conduct
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