React + D3; Observables & RxJS

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Real World React
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🎤Talk 1
Marcos Iglesias: React, D3 and their ecosystem

Both React and D3 are two excellent tools designed with goals that sometimes collide. Both take control of user interface elements, and they do so in different ways. How can you make them work together while optimizing for their distinct advantages according to your current project?

In this talk, you will see how to approach building React projects that need the powerful charting goodness of D3. You will discover different techniques and how to choose the best library for your needs in your main work and side projects.

About Marcos
Marcos Iglesias is a Senior Software Engineer who builds compelling user interfaces at Eventbrite. Marcos is passionate about creating stunning data visualizations and dashboards using D3 and Frontend technologies like ES2015, React, Redux and Webpack.

On top of all that, he enjoys writing about software, giving talks and maintaining Britecharts, the open source charting library.

🎤Talk 2
Feather Knee: Create Rich User Experiences with Observables

Everyone is a power user of the web. We have no patience for a UX that doesn’t move as swiftly as our attention spans. We want maximum flexibility and instant feedback. We want to search without pressing a button, to be fickle, and to talk to our computers like the boss in IT Crowd (except there’s a response).

Observables FTW! First, an exploration of Observables at a high level, then a survey of use cases, followed by a dive into implementation details. Surprisingly, with libraries like RxJs we can implement Observable patterns in React with few lines of code.

About Feather
Feather Knee is a Senior UI Developer at NVIDIA. Previously she worked at Netflix, where she got her first exposure to React and RxJs writing a prediction tool for new content. Feather first started writing JavaScript in the 90’s and has written apps in Java, Perl, Ruby, and JavaScript. She got her MA in Operations Research from UCSB. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, gardening and hanging out with her partner & two Chihuahua mutts.