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We are excited to be helping Netlify to run JAMstack_conf San Francisco for a second year! After two stops in New York and London, the conference is back for its flagship location, this time with 2 full days of content on topics ranging from JAMstack at scale, JAMstack with wordpress, Serverless architectures, case studies on the JAMstack and more!

Requires outside paid registration. Learn more & get tickets at

Discount codes for RWR members:
20% off conference and workshops (5 available): RWR20
10% conference and workshops (unlimited): realworldreact

What's the JAMstack, you ask?

The JAMstack is a powerful new approach for deploying fast, highly-scalable sites and applications that don't require backend infrastructure. Thanks to recent advancements in the web platform, developers can now run any web property ー from simple sites to complex applications ー on global CDNs and without a single web server.

JAMstack brings together Javascript, APIs, and Markup, the three core components used to create sites that are both fast and highly interactive. JAMstack sites are well-suited to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile-first web: where load times urgently matter and quality bandwidth can never be guaranteed.