What we're about

Recipharm is a contract development and manufacturing organization. Recipharm Israel is focused on supporting emerging and big pharma companies from early R&D stages, through clinical trials and up to manufacturing.
Recipharm Israel hosts a series of meetups in which we aim to share information with anyone who is involved in the field of biotech, medicinal chemistry and drug development!

The guests are entrepreneurs, academic lab members, scientists from the big and emerging pharma, biotech start-up founders, biotech accelerators.

The speakers will share with the audience their latest discoveries in the pharma field, the challenges that every biotech entrepreneur needs to overcome and how they turned molecules into real drugs.
With a team of speakers from across the globe, we will try to answer these and other tough questions.

- Have an idea for a new drug but don't know where to start?
- Have a synthetic process but can't scale-up?
- How to fund a new biotech company?
- What are the latest FDA regulations in the field of medical devices?
- How long does it takes and how much does it cost to reach the clinical trials?
- What are bioanalytics and stability studies?
- How to turn a molecule developed in academic research lab to a real drug?


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