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6:30 pm - Registration

6:40 pm - Gábor Benedek (PhD) ( - Chief Innovation Officer of Lynx Analytics (

7:20 pm - Venkata Narayanan, L ( - Founder & CEO and Murphy Choy (PhD) ( - Chief Data Scientist, at BigTapp (

8:00 pm - Soft drink & Networking

8:30 pm - End

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Lynx Analytics is a global pioneer of big data and graph analytics solutions.

Lynx’s business-to-business services run the gamut, from data analysis and insights to execution based on those insights. Where it differentiates from other big data analytics companies is in using graph theory and a proprietary graph engine in order to process and analyze data from various sources.

Lynx is working mainly with telecommunications and financial services companies, and that focus has allowed it to test and develop its technology at a demanding scale.

Lynx Analytics announced in May 2016 that it has secured a first investment of just under USD 10 million from a strategic investor. This investment values Lynx at USD 66 million, which qualifies as one of the highest first-round valuations for Singapore-based technology startups.

Gábor Benedek (PhD) - Chief Innovation Officer

Gábor is the CIO and ‘Professor-in-Residence’ at Lynx. He provides senior leadership in social network analysis (SNA) and predictive analytics.​

Gábor has served numerous clients in the Southeast Asia region. He is also closely involved in developing Lynx’ core Big Graph Analytics product.

Prior to Lynx, Gábor was the founder and managing director of Thesys Labs, an eHealth data mining consultancy company. Here he contributed to the world’s largest public physicians’ social network database, with real patient-flow data between GPs and medical specialists.

Earlier in his career, Gábor was one of the founders of Data Explorer, the first predictive analytics company in Hungary. Data Explorer built the first SNA software for mobile customer churn in Europe based on Gábor’s theoretical proposals. He and his team also developed and implemented an ATM cash optimization mechanism, based on which half of all ATMs are replenished in Hungary today.

Dr. Gábor is an Associate Professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest and received his PhD in 2003. In 2012, he received the “Best Application Paper” from the European Decision Science Institute. Gábor is the author of one book and author/coauthor of over 20 articles.


BigTapp is a Singapore head quartered global company that focuses on providing Big Data Analytics solutions that help our customers do just that. We provide Big Data and Analytics solutions on Cloud using a SaaS model that harness poly-structured data from a myriad of sources at the right latency, derive insights and convert the insights to appropriate business actions.

In today’s increasingly aggressive business environment, you need to make decisions faster than ever. BigTapp’s InFoActiV platform enables creation of business analytics applications and deploy on Cloud to enable rapid realisation of business benefits. A suite of Big Data Business Analytics applications developed using the platform under the overarching theme of Customer Value Management enables BigTapp’s customers to get immediate business benefits. BigTapp has a strong team of Data Scientists and Domain Experts who provide consulting and managed services that ensure the realization of business benefits using Big Data.

Venkata Narayanan, LFOUNDER & CEO

Vastly experienced by age but young at his thoughts is the best way to describe Venkata Narayanan the Founder and CEO of BigTapp. With around 30 years of experience in his professional life in the field of management and consulting led the way to start BigTapp with a strong vision. Having spent the last 20 years in analytics, Venkat is a firm believer of using Insights based on data to drive decision making at all levels in the organization. This belief is the driver of the Insights to Action paradigm of BigTapp. Having observed frustrated business users who faced challenges using traditional analytics platforms to implement business strategies and achieve business goals, he envisioned BigTapp as a single platform to achieve the Insights->Foresights->Action->Business Value paradigm.

Venkat founded Business Intelligence & Analytics specialist Knowledge Dynamics in 1997, which was subsequently acquired by Satyam (Tech-Mahindra) in 2005. He held various management roles and was last Senior Vice President & Head of Strategic Initiatives in Tech Mahindra.

Venkat has broad experience in delivering Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions for strategic and tactical applications. Venkat has worked with both consulting and end-user organizations and has been responsible for IT solutions planning and delivery. For nearly two decades he focuses on providing Business Intelligence solutions to maximize the competitive advantage of organizations. His extensive has taken him to consulting assignments in the USA, Middle East, South Africa and Asia Pacific.

Venkat is a regular speaker in seminars and industry events in the region. He is an adjunct Faculty at Singapore Management University (SMU) teaching Masters in Analytics.

Venkat was responsible for envisioning and architecting iDecisionsTM, a series of packaged analytics solutions for various industries including Banks, Insurance and Telcos. Venkat authored the first release of a methodology for developing Business Intelligence solutions called On Target. He also contributed two chapters to the reference book titled "Advances in Banking Technology and Management: Impacts of ICT and CRM“.