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For bitcoiners, by bitcoiners. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting your feet wet, this meetup is for you! Our focus is on education and exploration of bitcoin concepts and fundamentals. Let's chat!

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Northern California Beef Initiative Micro Summit

Duivenvoorden Farms

What does it look like to be self-sovereign in your life, food and finances?

☑️Harnessing naturally raised beef, raw milk, and in-season produce to protect your health.
☑️Controlling your food security for the future, despite inflation & supply chain issues.
☑️Supporting local farmers, who want to provide the best for you.

Join us on 🗓️June 17th for a full day at Duivenvoorden Farm in Cottonwood, CA.
Dive into the discussion, network, get to know your farmers!

Cattleman’s feast is included with your admission! 🎉

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Bitcoin Pizza Day

1404 West St